Vertigo (2012)

Vertigo is a Latin word which is synonymous with vertigine. Vertigo – in this series correlates to power - that can move people upwards but also downwards, like a spiral. 36 portraits of men and women, essential actors of the French political arena, an amphitheater of all passions. Politics lends itself to this tragic dimension, with its share of irrationality, seduction, betrayals, and solitude. A color photographic work carried out over a period of time, often in collaboration with the daily newspaper Le Monde, is in the news but rich in a historical and documentary dimension. It is also a reflection on power, its representation and the ubiquitous violence that dominates the relationship with others and with oneself. Psychological portraits that excavate and seek to unveil the hidden face of publicly-locked public individuals. A suspended, cinematic time, which stages actors who increasingly cultivate a love - hate relationship with the media.