Syndromes (2001)

In business districts, costumed, stressed, pressurized beings - "executives" - who respect, enforce and perpetuate the pyramidal rule of the game, do not always have the perception of the alienation to which they are subjected submitted ; Gentle barbarism to which they adhere. Clad in polyester, in non-places of glass and steel, confined in spaces lined with acrylic, surrounded by furniture with materials and sizes codified and meaningful, absorbing synthetic food, these beings always human, sometimes passionate , Sometimes overwhelmed, no longer seem to be anything but video icons emitted by the radio transmitter of a crazy and mute TV channel. Yes, these repressed or softened bodies are nothing but images. They have switched to virtuality. Yet they readily behave like images. They conform to an image of themselves. Image they wanted. Image imposed on them, but image that cannibalizes them. And when they relax, they become blurred. Pale specters wandering in an absurd modernity, they can suddenly disappear, vanishing by spinning in a more sizzling ether than the neon lights of their world. And they know it. Their environment, their material, their accessories, their relations, their expressions are electric. The tension is always diffuse, often visible, almost palpable. A spark might suffice for their circuits to ignite. So that their fuses melt.
Francis Mizio