Nus (2005-2006)

During the embrace, the couples are stripped, abandoned, loose. The tension is there: delicious or painful because desire, play, repulsion are interwoven. The bodies fight or play with the desire of the other. The couple is also the ambiguity of being two but sometimes alone. Out of context, these anonymous bodies become icons in their touching sincerity. The idea of improvisation arose out of a conversation with Stanislas Nordey, a director of theater. It allows the model to turn around an idea with all possible freedom and to generate new interfaces. In the variation on the same theme, the subject unveils all its riches. This series is also to approach the language of the body via a recurring theme: the melee in the confrontation with the other. The garment is there, the place of negotiation, the encounter with the other. "To remove the tinsel from the other" is also to reveal it to itself and offer it with passion the possibility of a freedom.