FULL MOON (2016)


This photographic series on love in Hong Kong was made during autumn 2016. The title: “Full Moon” refers to the day of the festival of the full moon in Hong kong, coincidently the day of my arrival. The night of full moon is a source of many myths. It is a daydream. It is a wish, something pure and soft which corresponds to the spirit of Asia. The beauty is moderate and non aggressive. The gestural of Asian love is suggested, more modestly than in occident. The different émotions and the destiny of couples, are differently managed from a private and public point of view. The codes of conduct are different. This occurs during the night in the city, the couples meet each other and look for each other. Flat tints of warm colors and the glare of the flash express in the background the electric dimensions of this palpitating city in perpetual change. The colour red returns, permanent and dominant, symbol of vital passion in all forms. Some plastic green sound, point out the captured nature and occasionally artificial. The atmosphere remains consistently poetic.
A residency products with Alliance Française, the le Hong- Kong International Photo Festival and Diaphane.