FRATRES (2015-2016)

These photographs fit in the territory on which they were created, and which strongly inspired their esthetics: dry and rocky landscapes of Carcassonne. The mineral matter, the rock, the ground, dust, is omnipresent; it evokes the idea of a nourishing and fatal land, the matrix as the tomb. It occupies the framework, massive, and isolates the human body, removing him from its context. This body, however, is detached itself from this mineral mass by its incessant movement, by struggle and dance, by tension, effort and sweat; the evocations of classical statuary contrast with this ambiguous play, this eternal imbalance between violence and tenderness, inertia and power. Organic matter continues to live, to move, to vibrate, in spite of its esthetics pushed back to the limits of reality by this mineral and disembodied aspect.
A residency in Carcassonne with Le Graph, in the south of France