BOXING (2016)


The training, it’s a work in progress about fighting, technicality and resistance, strategy and speed of the blows and dodging. Sublimation of the body, mechanics of doubt. Far from the fabulous legends around boxing, the heroes are tired and almost failing. They are fragile and full with doubt. It is this vulnerability which returns them alive. Incarnation of the bodies. In a moral, psychic and physical continuum, the boxer in action meditates.
The interrogation concerns again the power and the violence made for oneself. what can a body take? Strength has its limits, the boxer pushes away them with his spirit. The strength is - only one moment between two weaknesses? Pure fragile spirit, the boxer looks for intimate resources under other people's judgement. It is a gearing of the body and the spirit. We used to say that boxing is a "wild science" ?
Out of focus – the camera shows here the force and the vulnerability of the bodies in sweat, the used ropes, of the smashed bags of striking, the wild glances, the soaked shirts. Bodies and hearts without defense in research. Bodies as powerful masses expressing this effect punch. The average camera format Phase one emphasizes skins and their rich textures. An order of the city of Rosny sous Bois in the suburb of Paris with the support of the General Council of the Seine St Denis